Policy Consulting

Stephanie L. Ferguson & Associates is well known for global work in the following areas of Policy Consulting:

Health System Strengthening

Development of training workshops and curricula to create and sustain positive work environments for health professionals.

Workforce Capacity Building

We build health workforces that are happy and healthy. We design your workforce needs so you have the right person, educated and able to work in the right place at the right time.

Health Policy Development, Implementation and Evaluation

We work with UN agencies and other global organizations to create their strategic directions, accountability frameworks and plans of monitoring and evaluation worldwide. We use evidence to drive policy and social policy change.

Health System Transformation and Redesign Strategies

Our company helps health systems create different products and services, recruit and retain different types of personnel, create plans to manage workforce retention and migration, learn how to work with different stakeholder groups, build community-based coalitions and also health workforce alliances. We also help health systems develop different modes of health care delivery using health technology and data intelligence to improve health outcomes, and develop different processes to plan and define priorities. We help you develop effective communication and information systems.

Sustainable Leadership and Management Development

We develop executive level leadership programs, workshops, forums, conferences, retreats, and other activities that teach health professionals how to lead at the highest levels of their nation and organizations in the context of the global health architecture today.

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