Leadership Consulting

Stephanie L. Ferguson & Associates is well known for global work in the following areas of Leadership Consulting:

Human Resources for Health
and Leadership Development

We develop innovations in Human Resources for Health (HRH). Strategic plans for workforce capacity building, performance improvement, career progression and succession, continuing education opportunities, monitoring and evaluation and frameworks for accountability.

Leadership Capacity Building

We implement a variety of leadership capacity building services. Examples include expertise in coalition and alliance building, conference management and evaluation services. We can develop, implement and evaluate your leadership event — keynote and plenary speaking engagements, conferences, workshops, retreats, forums, institutes, networks, coalitions, and alliances.

Individual Leadership

Personal leadership development plans can be developed in collaboration with executive level clients. We can provide mentoring and coaching services.


Our leadership consulting services can be tailored for health professionals working in government health professional regulatory organizations. Leadership programs can be developed in the context of regulatory issues.

Board Governance
and Management

How to work with boards, get on a boards and be effective as a board member is critical for today's health leaders. We provide individual board members and board workshops on leadership and best practices in good governance and management.

Develop Leadership Programs

We create custom designed leadership and management programs that target health professionals working in high level executive roles.

Academic Leadership
Capacity Building

A variety of academic institutions seek our services to develop leadership programs for administrators, faculty, staff and students in the context of global health policy and leadership.

Interprofessional Leadership Development

We design, implement, and evaluate health professional curricula to include global health principles throughout and health policy and leadership.

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